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New for 2018: Looking for Winners

We all want winners, how realistic is it to win every time, you would have to say impossible. The odds are really stacked against you, so what percentage would you be happy with. 50%  25%. You see where I’m going on this everyone wants to win and make a profit. But is it possible, going by all the websites claiming to be the best tipping service and sign up to them for winners it is. I’m not saying they don’t show profits over long term or it’s impossible to make a profit. You have all heard or read “If they can get winners why share this information”  why indeed as the more punters bet on the tip the shorter the odds.

Why pay for tips or take any type of tip listed in any of the daily papers, its easy and simple, you can get good results some days and that's the crux  SOME DAYS. It’s also not fair to criticise these newspaper tipsters as they have to give a horse in every race on ALL the cards for the day. There’s also the fact that only 33% of favourites win at each racecourse each day, occasionally it can reach 40%   

Just to prove me wrong on day of writing, 13th February, Southwell  had 4 winning favourites out of six races 66% just goes to show you never can predict these things        

It’s Your Hobby ?                                                                 Posted February 13th 2018

Why horse racing? Do you win? Have you got a tip? these are the most common questions asked when I tell people my hobby is horse racing.

Trying to answer these very simple questions would take a lifetime, There are so many variables to racing, throughout this website I shall try to give you an insight to my very exciting and enjoyable hobby. For record keeping I have introduced a notebook check here

Mothers System                                                                  Posted February 13th 2018

The first recollection of horse racing, well 'betting' to be precise, was sitting with my uncle on a Saturday (early 1970s) when he would attempt to get the winners of the ITV seven. The ITV Seven was the title of an accumulator bet where vast sums of money could be won if you correctly predicted the winners of all seven races.

The commentator was John Rickman who was the first man to introduce horse racing on an independent channel, on London Weekend Television's World of Sport

When I had my first winner I was over the moon and thought what an easy way to earn money, later that day I told my mother how well I'd done. She was not amused with me or my Uncle Bill, she then told me what was to be my first lesson on gambling.

My Mothers System

Oh! our Eric you haven’t started gambling with that brother of mine, no good will come of it, but if you must let me give you my system.

Well I was all ears, I sat down waiting for this gem of information as she started her lesson.

At this point I thought this all sounds very good, she went on further noting all kinds of information to check. Then when I was thinking how much more is there, My mother looked at my dad and winked she then turned to me and said

“NOW for the most important part of this system ONLY bet if the 4th letter of the horses name is the letter ‘T’ otherwise no bet!!

That brings us to systems, what is a good system, there are plenty out there but do they work. My system is quite simply I don’t have one.

If you have a system that works for you keep on using it and KEEP it to yourself. Why let someone else profit from your hard work.

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